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Beat the Heat—Stay Cool With These Hot Deals

by Nicole in Home June 19, 2024
Beat the Heat—Stay Cool With These Hot Deals

As temperatures rise, finding effective ways to stay cool becomes a top priority. Whether you’re lounging in the backyard or on the move, these hot deals on cooling solutions are sure to keep you comfortable all summer long:

Patio 100′ Cooling Misting System

Price: $37 (after clipping the 5% on-page coupon, originally $49.99)

Enhance your outdoor space with the Patio Cooling Misting System. This setup includes a 100-foot misting line with 30 brass misters, designed for efficient water atomization that saves up to 32% more water compared to traditional systems. Perfect for reducing temperatures on patios, decks, or during outdoor events.

Black + Decker Wearable Cooling & Heating Device

Price: $34.19 (with Subscribe & Save, originally $99.99)

Experience instant thermal relief with the Black + Decker Wearable Cooling & Heating Device. Offering three levels of cooling and heating, it provides quick changes in surface temperature to keep you comfortable in varying climates. Ideal for outdoor activities or indoor use, it’s a versatile solution for personal climate control.

Cooling 16′ Outdoor Fan Misting Kit

Price: $15.99 (originally $25.99)

Beat the heat effortlessly with the Cooling Outdoor Fan Misting Kit. Featuring a 16-foot misting pipe with five removable brass nozzles, it offers adjustable mist control through an independent ball valve. Easily connect it to any garden spigot for refreshing mist that cools surrounding air effectively.

Vevor 23Qt. Car Refrigerator & Freezer w/App Control

Price: $142.99 (with free shipping, originally $195.99)

Stay cool on the road with the Vevor Car Refrigerator & Freezer. This portable unit holds 23 quarts (22 liters), cooling quickly to -20°C (-4°F) while consuming minimal energy. Controlled via an app for convenience, it’s perfect for keeping beverages and snacks chilled during road trips or outdoor adventures.

These deals offer practical and innovative ways to beat the heat wherever you are. Whether you’re looking to enhance your patio, regulate personal comfort, or stay cool on the go, these cooling solutions provide effective relief without breaking the bank. Don’t let the summer heat get you down—take advantage of these cool deals!

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