Wood-Burning Fire Pit / Patio Table

$379.95 $199.95

This patio table features an integrated wood-burning fire pit for all-year entertainment. With a fifth circular section, the top is made of four curved metal tile sections that look like smooth wood. In addition, it is equipped with a spark-blocking screen. The price drops from $379.95 to $199.95 w/ free shipping.

Cordless Waterproof Exfoliator

$79.95 $49.95

This waterproof exfoliator creates a custom head-to-toe spa experience in your own shower. It has a 15"-long handle extension that enables users to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation on feet, back and other hard-to-reach areas. The price drops from $79.95 to just $49.95. Shipping adds $12.95.

The Ice Gripping Men's Insulated Boots

$249.95 $99.95

These boots with a patented outsole that is three times more slip-resistant on ice than ordinary rubber. Its genuine leather upper features a felt collar and front lacing for a secure fit. Choose from two colors. The price drops from $249.95 to just $99.95. Shipping adds $17.95.

Floating 59" Pool Golf Game

$249.95 $149.95

This game comes with a chipping mat and includes a real golf club, rubber tees, 12 floating golf balls, a cup, and a flag. The chipping mat is made with the same turf used in athletic fields and professional stadiums. The price drops from $249.95 to just $149.95 w/ free shipping. 

The Blind Spot Eliminator

$59.95 $29.95

These side view mirrors allow drivers to see a vehicle's blind spots more easily because they increase their field of vision by two and a half times. With the included hardware, they securely clamp to a vehicle's existing side mirrors, allowing motorists to monitor an extra lane comfortably. Price drops from $59.95 to $29.95. Shipping adds $8.95.


The Oscillating Massage 2-In-1 Showerhead

$69.95 $39.95

This showerhead features a 4 1/2" spray head with five additional settings, including rainfall, pulsed spray jets, and oxygenated spray jets that increase the pressure and velocity of the water. With up to 780 oscillations per minute, it provides 14" of coverage and produces a spa-like effect. The price drops from $69.95 to $39.95. Shipping adds $8.95.

Photo Taking Children's Smart Watch

$79.95 $29.95

This smart watch captures pictures, records audio & video, and includes seven interactive games. In addition to the stopwatch, calendar, calculator and alarm, there is a 50-MB storage capacity. Price drops from $79.95 to $29.95. Shipping adds $8.95.

Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine

$39.95 $24.95

The battery-operated sewing machine features all the same elements as a full-sized unit, including a bobbin with cover, handwheel, presser foot, needle, and tension adjuster. It has three full bobbins, two empty bobbins, needle threader, needle, bobbin winder rod, and spool rod. Price drops from $39.95 to $24.95. Shipping adds $8.95.

LEGO Diorama Aquarium Night Light

$39.95 $29.95

The LEGO night light features 3-D dioramas with scenery and mini figures inside, and has a pair of color-changing LEDs that illuminate the scene and provide ambient lighting. There is a touch sensor on the front and an auto-off timer of 15 minutes. The price drops from $39.95 to $29.95. Shipping adds $8.95.


Electronic Tag Game

$79.95 $39.95

This game allows up to four players (or eight when connected to a second set) to play over 20 different versions of tag. It has built-in LEDs that indicate who is "it" at the beginning of the game and speakers that explain the rules. Price drops from $79.95 to $39.95. Shipping adds $8.95.

Inflatable Mini Golf Set

$399.95 $199.95

This mini-golf is made of polyester fabric. With the included blower motor, the course inflates in less than two minutes. The putter set comes with two oversized putters and two golf balls, as well as ground stakes (10 included). The price drops from $399.95 to $199.95. Shipping adds $23.95.

Indoor Putting Pool Table

$129.95 $84.99

This putting pool table is set up with green felt and six pockets mimicking, and players use clubs instead of pool cues to sink shots. It also includes 15 regulation golf balls printed like billiard balls, a cue ball, a triangle ball rack, and two carbon fiber putters. The price drops from $129.95 to $84.99 with code "SAVE15". Shipping adds $17.95.

Engineered Wood Rotating End Table

$249.95 $127.46

This tree tower is made with premium particle board and plush, and posts are coiled with imported sisal rope. It has a soft faux fur covering to make it cozy & warm for your kitten to snuggle in. Price drops from $249.95 to $127.46 with code "SAVE15". Shipping adds $23.95.

Electric Bacon Toaster

$59.95 $39.95

This toaster-integrated griddle can cook up to five strips of bacon simultaneously while draining off the fat and grease. It can also be used as a traditional griddle for pancakes, eggs, French toast, or hashbrowns. Price drops from $59.95 to $39.95. Shipping adds $8.95.

Barn Door Pet Food & Toys Cabinet

$249.95 $127.46

This cabinet is constructed from engineered wood and has a 26 1/4" H x 14" W x 14 1/4" D pull-down drawer that fits up to 11 lbs. of dog food and a sliding barn door front. The price drops from $249.95 to $149.95 to just $127.46 when you add the code "SAVE15" during checkout. Shipping adds $23.95.

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